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In the spirit of the Hall of Hunters, the Adventurer's Guild serves as a place for the adventuring type to swap stories, weapons, armor, intelligence, and other pieces of import with others who do the same kind of work. It's also a place for them to hone their adventuring skills and spread their legend. It was founded in Decimas 25 AFB by Gunni Littlebottom and , without a place to really call their own and the two of them serving as the central hub of information.

In the months to come, they plan to create a location in the reclaimed ruins and then the guild can really start to grow.

Physical Description

There is no physical location for the Adventurer's Guild right now. The closest thing is a few tables near where the members sleep in the Dwarfcombe.

Guild Benefits

These are the benefits you have from remaining in good standing with the guild:

  • Free modest lifestyle provided at the Dwarfcombe as the Adventurers Guild is part of the Trade League. This includes use of the quite nice baths.
  • Ability to research in the guild library - as much as it is - which includes summaries of rumors the guild has heard, adventures they've been on, etc. It's less of a library and now more of a large, mostly blank tome that Gunni carries around.
  • More to come later …

Guild Tasks & Requirements

These are the downtime activities that will count as fulfilling the obligatory 15 days to remain in good standing with the guild. In general, the guideline is something that improves the organization as one of heroes doing what's needed for the world. This includes (italicized items not yet approved by a Weaver):

  • Doing a heroic task for someone. An example is working on the Ruins Reclamation
  • Researching to find a quest or the next steps of a quest. Quests is how we become known!
  • Creating equipment for the general store of gear the Adventurer's Guild possesses.

Taking a bit from the Council rules - if you have fifteen days or fewer in downtime for a month, you are allowed to spend three days on personal matters and still remain in good standing and receive the Guild benefits.

Guild Members

Currently, the guild members and their ranks are as follows:

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