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The Aukāri Pine is a pinewood forest to the northeast of Brightshore named for the Aukāri druids who live there. By day it appears as a beautiful and serene wood, but as the sun sets, that is revealed to be an illusion—the entire forest consists of barren black trees and is filled with white ash. Only one area of the forest seems to retain its pristine appearance. It is known as the Covet.

The Aukāri druids are divided into five disciplines: Bear, Cougar, Owl, Stag, Wolf.

When adventurers from Brightshore first reached the Aukāri Pine, they found the druids under attack by one of their own, a powerful member of the Owl discipline named Sartumal. At that time, there were only 13 Aukāri believed to be alive, and only the Covet appeared to be safe from Sartumal's wrath.

Note: Nick (via his PC Galvan) has put together a fairly comprehensive in-character “Galvan's Guide to the Aukari Pine.” Much more information can be found there, although it represents knowledge collected in-character, and is therefore not 100% accurate.

Known Aukari

Bear Discipline

Cougar Discipline

Owl Discipline

Stag Discipline

  • Yllazane. Fallen Aukar. Also known as the Ice Phoenix Archer.

Wolf Discipline


A traditional incantation passed among the Aukāri, called Mánaerání. Using the teaching, one can locate the Aukār. In order to perform the ability, a needle from a Mánnímloth (Spirit Tree) is needed.


A special kind of mushroom can be found in the Aukāri Pine called Óhennín. It comes in five different shades, and each one matches one of the disciplines: purple (Bear), orange (Cougar), red (Stag), green (Owl), and blue (Wolf). The green Óhennín is the only mushroom abundant in the Covet.

Created by Davidson.

DM Lore

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