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The Gost Citadel

The extended properties, holdings, and estates of Lord Galvan Gost from Nevara.

Mission Statement: “Position our prestigious house as an independent neutral entity and build embassies in each of Lorica's major territories; so as to sell services establishing communication/treaties/insurance/trade-arrangements between foreign countries with an end goal of bringing peoples together before Ancient Cathorn's prophesized cataclysm destroys the entire continent.”

Gost Citadel prides itself on its expansive and influential network of connections.
They own regal estates, lounges, guild halls, fortresses, and trading posts throughout the realms of Lorica. An elite battalion known as the Knights of the Black Veil are trained to serve and protect the citadel and its lords.



High stakes card games

+1 to all gambling checks.
The Gost Citadel in Brighshore hosts private high-stakes card games in a private wine-cellar adjacent room.
For five days of downtime, you can gamble your gold as per the rules in Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Carousing with Nobility

Home to the Knightly Order of the Black Veil

(The Black Veil Knights are Brightshore's Purple Dragon Knights option from the Sword Coast's Adventurer's Guide.
Simply replace the words “Purple Dragon Knight” with “Knight of the Black Veil” when reading the descriptions.
However, you do not need to take this class to be a member of the citadel. If you're interested in joining reach out to Nickolas - DM)

Embassies of the Gost Citadel


Tower - gifted occupancy


1 Acre of Tower District Land
Noble Estate - 25,000 gold
House - 1,000 gold

Tower District Lots 47 and 32 + surrounding lands / 1 Acre / 43,550 sq feet / 1,742 5×5 ft squares

The Gost Citadel's oldest building is located in the heart and center of Brightshore's tower district. The 1-acre lot of property was awarded to Lord Galvan Gost in Year 23 by the first council for his contributions to the economy and charitable efforts toward the city. The land now boasts a four-story noble estate with a foyer lounge, a stable, servant's house, garden, and topiary. It is home now to not just the Gosts, but an entire court of esteemed peers, courtiers, staff and associates. In Year 23, it was the largest employer of displaced River District workers after the Giant Construct attack.

You'll find members of the citadel seek the most dangerous and lucrative work, and donations from the estate are distributed widely. They have invested in shelters for the destitute, the temples of the four, and in a school called the Gost Academy at the Cleo Catra House. Individual families have also been selected for aid during Galvan's time volunteering as a manual laborer in the River District.


small plot at city's edge
Guild Hall - 5,000 gold


two buildings within the city.
Guild Hall - 5,000 gold
Trade Post - 5,000 gold


we have claimed this ancient city as ours.
Dock - 5,000 gold
Outpost/Fort - 15,000 gold

Citadel Members

  • Sir Galvan Gost, Lord Commander of the Knights of the Black Veil (PC)
  • Zren Catsa, Head Wizard of the Gost Citadel (PC)
  • Flint Fireforge, Ambassador and Warden of Tierrios Outpost (PC)
  • Maevis, Loyal Guard and Lady Gost (PC)
  • Riyla, Loyal Guard and Lady Gost (PC)
  • Drax, Guard and Storyteller to the Gost Children (PC)
  • Cupcake, Toymaker to the Gost Children (PC)
  • Lord Aranathiel, Chancellor and Master of Ceremonies (NPC)
  • Lancelot, Captain of the Knights of the Black Veil (PC)
  • J.T. Captain of the Knights of the Black Veil (PC)
  • Revan, Captain of the Knights of the Black Veil (PC)
  • Ansketil Burcy, Knight of the Black Veil (NPC)
  • Joash Hersberger, Knight of the Black Veil (NPC)
  • Wimalath Virmaer, Knight of the Black Veil (NPC)
  • Zhoran Nornan, Knight of the Black Veil (NPC)
  • Sister Muriel, Religious Consult of the Citadel (PC)
  • Blitz Meowgi, Citadel Mercenary (PC)
  • Frederick III, Social Advocate of the Citadel (PC)
  • Aelar Galanodel, Stable Master and Animal Handler (PC)
  • Uniden, Citadel Head Chef (PC)
  • Isaac Forhops, Citadel Cook (NPC)
  • Kalys B. Goodleaf, Bartender (NPC)
  • Jane Winnows, Citadel Maid (NPC)
  • Winrey Rivers, Lounge Server (NPC)
  • Brisha Gost, Daughter of Galvan (NPC)
  • Lumira Gost, Daughter of Galvan (NPC)

Gost Citadel Staff

Skilled Hirelings - 30
Unskilled Hirelings - 58

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