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The Guild of Masons

The Guild of Masons is the first trade organization in Brightshore and was founded by Baern Wildeheim in of 25 AFB. Physically located near the bridge to the Market District in the first reclaimed area of the ruins, the crew of masons achieved some recognition working on a number of important projects in Brightshore, including:

  • The monument of the founders of the Hall of Hunters
  • Sealing Hellion's Mouth
  • The repair and replacement of the wall from the Tower District to the River District

They were also one of the two founding trade organizations of the the Brightshore Trade League. After the death of their founder, they are lead by Longstone Ulgahan Kalagiano, a goliath mason who used to be the foreman of the crew under Baern Wildeheim.

Physical Location

Physically, the Guild of Masons is located in the first area reclaimed of the Ruins of Brightshore, just across the bridge to the Temple and Market districts. It is a squat building with a main entrance facing towards the bridge. Inside is a small waiting room with a large tool room to one side and a large office to the other, where the Guildmaster manages the books and contracts.

The rest of the area is made up of the riverfront area where stone, gravel, wood, and mortar are stored when not at a job site. There's also an area for crushing rocks and rubble into gravel, although it's far from an efficient process. Behind the main building is an entrance to the basement, which is generally full of mortar where it can be stored in the clean and dry.

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