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The Hall of Hunters

The Hall of Hunters was one of the youngest guilds in Brightshore. Little more than common mercenaries, they took contracts involving a little of everything. At first, it was specifically for hunting down beasts, monstrosities and the like, but they branched out into anything that you could want to hire a dangerous person to do for you—guarding caravans, clearing out ruins, or killing the thing between you and what you actually want.

Founded in the latter half of 23 BY by Enailis Glanodel, a wood elf ranger, its ranks have swelled by the time their Hall was completed in Triciary of 24 BY. A large portion of the Hall's initial costs were fronted by the Gost Citadel, which is why all members wore an black armband with the symbol of a silver raven flying into a golden sun.

The Hunters themselves provided a tabard in their colors, with their emblem, to be worn when on business or whenever they are representing the organization. They also provided a shared pool of weapons and armor to outfit themselves to the best of the guild's ability.

In Duolus 25 BY, Enailis died on a mission and Zentariel was exiled from the city. The Hall of Hunters space was willed to Galvan Gost. After a period of little to no activity, the space was sold to the Arcanum and the Hall of Hunters was disbanded in Septimus 25 BY.

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