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A spirit from the Fog resides within you. You may have merged with the spirit while traveling through the Fog, or you may be descended from someone who merged earlier. You retain the appearance of whatever race you or your ancestors were before the merging, with a small exception that belies your connection to the Fog, such as mysteriously clouded eyes. You cannot communicate with the spirit directly and know little about the nature of the spirit, but it allows you to understand the common language of the ancient Loricans (Ancient Common) and may occasionally give rise to vague feelings and visions you cannot explain.

Tips for Playing a Kalashtar Character

  • There is no Quori language in the world of Brightshore. Instead, Kalashtar know Ancient Cathornian.
  • Work with the Weavers about the origin of your character as there is more information about the Kalashtar race that has not been revealed yet.
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