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Tips for Playing an Orc

On the continent of Lorica, there are multiple kinds of Orcs. Outside the Fog you could be nearly any kind of Orcish background!

Stalwart Shield Orc (Lorica)

The Stalwart Shield is an order near Brightshore that has maintained traditions for as long as anyone can remember. Orcs have been a part of this tradition for the entire time, under the Hobgoblin leadership. Orcs in this society tend to be shock troops, orderly and terrifying to those who oppose the Shield.

Rule: You do not gain Orc as a language. You instead gain Goblin as a bonus language.

Red/Black Orcs (Lorica)

No one in the campaign has encountered the other native Lorican Orcs

Other Orcs (Non-Lorica)

No one has established lore for an Orc character outside the fog. Have an idea? Reach out to a Weaver on Slack and work with us!

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