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The Red-Sash Goblins

Several expeditions into the Cathorn Ruins have encountered a militant order of goblins known as the Red Sash (so named for the crimson sashes their ranking members typically wear). The highest ranking Red-Sash goblins have also been seen wearing bracers.


An undercover mission revealed a wealth of information about the Red Sash base of operations. There were an overwhelming amount of goblins and red banners everywhere. The center of their base contained 4 notable buildings:

  • North Building: Apparently the headquarters of the Red Sash king. Also contains a cavern where dark sacrifices are conducted by horned, red-skinned goblins.
  • East Building: An armory containing massive piles of weapons and armor.
  • South Building: A mess hall.
  • West Building: A barracks for elite guards.
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