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Brightshore League of Trade Guilds

The Brightshore League of Trade Guilds was founded in Triciary 25 AFB by Baern Wildeheim, along with the foundation of its first participating guild - the Guild of Masons. As much as there is a headquarters of the Trade League, it's the Dwarfcombe, which is intended to be centrally located among as many trade organizations as possible in the first reclaimed district of the Ruins.

There is no formal requirement for joining and the league is very loose. They agree to maintain open lines of conversation and meet for things that concern all members. All organizations of the league may house their members in the Dwarfcombe and use the baths there.

Current organizations include:

Physical Description

The Dwarfcombe is the building that ties the League together as it provides both shared housing and bathing facilities for tradespeople of the different organizations. It is a gargantuan, oddly shaped building that looks a little like a two-story beehive made of stone with windows at three levels. The vaguely round entrance has a pair of double doors that are almost always thrown open, showing the warmly lit main room.

In the main room, a large oven, fireplace, chimney dominates the center and disappears up into the ceiling. All around the walls are rooms shaped like honeycomb cells, some with doors, some with curtains, and many left open. There are ladders or stairs up to the second level of cell rooms, which disappear up into the ceiling, where some are accessible from above.

Scattered across the main room, almost haphazardly, are a number of tables, benches, large comfy chairs, rugs, chaise lounges, and mats. If there's a way to eat a meal or sit and talk, it seems to be represented in some cluster of furniture. Around the giant oven and stove is a wide table where there are loaves of bread, bowls of in-season fruit, cheeses, and, usually, at least one big pot of some kind of soup or stew, filling the room with fragrant aromas.

The second floor is much the same as the first, only without the cooking area and more of the tables have games of all sorts on them. There are dice, sets of cards, backgammon boards, and an ornate set of Thud pieces recognizable, but if you can think of a game of the world of Lorica and Vessar, it's probably represented.

Down in the basement is a large area devoted to bathing. About a third of the area makes up a large bathing area for males, and another third makes up a similar bathing area for females. The remaining third of the area is split up into three smaller, family sized chambers and a network of smaller, individual bathing chambers. The water is all warm to hot and there are a number of friezes on the wall depicting traditional dwarvish scenes.

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