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The Trenchguard

With the ocean being bountiful and sheltered from the elements, few sea-dwelling people find it necessary to establish agriculture and permanent communities, preferring instead to migrate as needed with their food supplies. Most seafolk in Founders Bay and its environs, such as merfolk and many tritons, travel in cosmopolitan groups of several species and are generally peaceful as long as they aren’t provoked.

The exception is the Pesadillas Profundus, the “Nightmare Deep”. This abyssal trench runs near the edge of what surface-dwellers refer to as “the Fog,” and is a deep crack in the ocean floor that drops to uncharted depths. Seafolk know that many terrors lurk in those dark waters, and established the Trenchguard for mutual defense.

Composed largely of tritons, the Trenchguard is something of a knight-errant organization, whose members travel the seas alone or in small squads, seeking to protect its peoples, right wrongs, and hunt monsters. White Rock, their fortress, is a nest of white coral growing on a rocky outcropping over the Pesadillas Profundus. There, Trenchguard seers watch the depths and maintain an arsenal of weaponry. When the darkness inevitably flows up, they’ll be ready.

Seafolk relations with Brightshore are in their infancy. Trenchguard knights Severean Shadowsea and Oleana Abyssia have both had positive interactions with Brightshore adventurers and have thus opened diplomatic discussions. So far, these have amounted to increasing the city’s fishing yield upon which it is dependent, and spreading word to both Brightshore vessels and seafolk migrant communities to be aware of and respectful of each other.

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