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Jesse 4

Name chosen to reduce confusion later in case there is another Jesse DM or Weaver. It's a thing.

Rules Options/Variations Used

  • Usually uses hex-based movement for combat.
  • When using grid-based movement, each square is 5 feet of movement, regardless of it being orthogonal or diagonal movement.
  • When using hex or grid based movement, spells with areas-of-effect may be freely placed. As long as a hex or square is more than half-covered by the area of effect, creatures on that hex or square are affected.
  • Equipping a shield is a bonus action, not a full action.
  • The Disarming, Marking, Overrunning, Shove Aside, and Tumbling options from the Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) are allowed.
  • The Cleaving through Creatures option from the DMG is allowed.
  • The Massive Damage option from the DMG are allowed for weapon attacks.
  • For some adventures, a short rest variant may be used where the first short rest of a day takes 5 minutes, the second one takes 30 minutes and all subsequent ones use the full time. This will normally be used for combat-heavy sessions or sessions that are the end of an arc where the stakes are a bit higher.
  • Inspiration should be flowing freely. If you don't already have inspiration, assume I'm looking for something cool from how your character behaves to show up. I run inspiration straight out of the the PHB. d20 that you can use in the future after rolling an ability check, save or attack.

Session Arcs and Elements "In Play"

I generally like to have a few options available for a session to run to be able to tailor something more to the group that is there. If you want to do something and I don't know much about the area, I might avoid it. If it requires minimal prep (“Let's go kill some undead in the Dark Forest area”), I'll be fine to jump on it.

Things that I may happen to be able to run more off the cuff, however, include:

  • The Dreamscaper
  • Grumble Dan and his brother Vaan
  • Undead in and around the Dark Forest
  • Red Sash goblins, although I don't know much DEEPER than anyone else
  • Guild-related stuff, within reason
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