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Concerning Brightshore

I'm the oldest non-weaver DM behind Dan.
I have been here since the very first public Brightshore adventure.

Most my adventures relate to the Unseelie Forest, Gost Citadel, or some Eldritch Horror.
I enjoy Lovecraft inspired terror, developing complex character relationships, and time shenanigans.
My tables tend to be high risk / high reward, with many alternate paths to success.

Concerning Nickolas

I've been DMing for… oh god… almost 2 decades now.
I primarily play D&D 5E, but also have experience in 2E, 3.5, Delta Green, and Dresden Files.
In addition I've developed my own tabletop RPG with a small team of four which we've been tweaking for over a decade now.

I am very by the book. Feel free to correct me on rulings. If I disagree I may ask you to source it, and depending on time constraint that may have to be after the game but you'll never offend me by making me double check something.

Concerning Contact

Message me on Slack. I am always on.

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