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This page is primarily administrated by Nickolas (DM). Please contact him directly on Slack for any inconsistencies. Other questions or concerns can be directed to the DM Team


The Desert Nation of Three Kings on the continent of Dynara.
The Duergar, Humans, and Shadar-kai of Nevara co-exist in a long enduring equilibrium.
The three races flounder in constant domestic struggles as their nobility vie for internal power.
For each of them, this conflict takes on its own unique font.

Duergar of Nerol

-Coming Soon-
Notes: Relationship w/ Northern Country

Humans of Atsish

-Coming Soon-
Notes: Knights, Feuding Baronies, Horses, Lizards, Nocturnal/Diurnal

Shadar-kai of Krystali

-Coming Soon-
Notes: Secretive, Monsters, Blurred lines area, close to shadow plane

Demons of the East Jungle

-Coming Soon- Notes: Dangerous

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