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Located far to the northeast of Lorica, the land of Vessar has kept to itself for most of recent history. It is strictly ruled by an elite group of powerful mages, who keep a close watch and a tight leash on the lower class citizens.

Talent with arcane magic is highly valued, to the degree that those without that particular gift are treated as second-class citizens.

Vessari leaders claim that religion of any kind is “a crutch for less advanced creatures” and practitioners of divine magic are “charlatans and tricksters.” Anyone found with religious texts, iconography, using divine magic, or colluding with a divine magic user/believer is sent to a “re-education camp” and rarely seen again.

So long as they are careful not to ask too many questions or speak out against their government, a Vessari commoner can live in relative peace, if in stratified social classes and under totalitarian rule.

Vessari Refugees in Brightshore

It is common knowledge in Brightshore that Chancellor Orrin and Archon Jacinta fled from this country with a group of refugees, after they attempted to lead a rebellion against its leaders and failed. The two of them then led this wandering group of outcasts to several different places over a period of about ten years before founding Brightshore.

(You can find the Brightshore custom Background: Vessari Refugee here.)

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