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Casog's Sinistral

Type Weapon (Double-Bladed Scimitar)
Rarity Rare
Attunement Yes
Creator Davidson

As Casog, the undead Giant from within Oefelion's tomb, slowly descended into the pit that once held him, his attempts to prevent his fall left enormous scratches amidst the floor. But despite his failure, his effort was not without force as his fingernails broke from his hands. Carved into a weapon of horrid power, the blades of Casog's Sinistral come from the Giant's rotten fingernails that remained of his left hand.

It has the following properties:

Panicked Blows: Casog's Sinistral can hold up to 2 charges. This item regains all charges when you fall below half your hit point maximum. Additionally, whenever you are at or above half your hit point maximum, any unexpended charges are removed from this item.

Whenever you make a melee weapon attack using Casog's Sinistral, you may expend a charge to deal an extra 2d4 thunder damage to the target.

Unholy Union: Should a character have taken the Dual Wielder feat, that character may ignore the two-handed property for both Casog's Dextral and Casog's Sinistral, but only for the purpose of dual wielding Casog's Dextral and Casog's Sinistral.

Voracious Frenzy: Should a creature dual wield Casog's Dextral and Casog's Sinistral through the Unholy Union property, that creature gains an additional action on each of its turns. That action can be used only to take the Attack (one weapon attack only) action using either Casog's Dextral and Casog's Sinistral.

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