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Feather of Hjonking

Type wondrous item
Rarity Uncommon
Attunement No
Creator Rebecca

This white feather has one charge. It does not ever regain charges.

You can use an action to expend a charge. When you do so, you can also choose to delay the activation for a specific length of time (up to five minutes). Upon activating, the feather will produce a loud honking noise for one minute, audible to everyone within 120 feet of it. The noise appears to come from near the feather, but not directly from it. After a minute, the feather will disappear.

After 2d10 days, it will reappear near, on, or in the belongings of the creature who activated it. Any attempts to destroy the feather, throw it away, or give it away will result in it reappearing again in the possession of the creature who activated it. It will occasionally honk softly. A remove curse spell cast on the creature will stop the feather from following it.

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