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Sibriex Dagger

Type Weapon (dagger)
Rarity Very Rare
Attunement Yes
Creator Nickolas

A wicked curved tooth, bleached unnaturally pale. Writhing tendons and muscle attach the implement to an enormous unblinking and bloodshot eye. The eye is an unsettling thing, always searching and staring at creatures near. It commands its meat to attach and clasp at it's wielder's flesh.

Attuning to this item causes your alignment to become Chaotic.

Once per day, if this dagger scores a critical hit, you may use a bonus action to roll on the Sibriex Variant: Flesh Warping table (MTF pg. 137) up to three times. The target is effected by the results for 1 minute. You may choose to attack yourself with the dagger. If you do, the attack is a critical hit.

You may cast the following spells once per day at 3rd level without components:

  • Charm Person
  • Command
  • Dispel Magic

A creature killed with this dagger becomes an Abyssal Wretch (MTF 136) immediately.

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