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“Aye, you can find 'em 'ere. You can try to nab 'im too. But you think you can nab a pirate captain from the Enclave and not find yerself at the bottom o' the sea?”
- Captain Davemt to the Cognate Bounty Hunter Mergojak

Basic Information

Avismere is host to three cities, isolated from the main lands of Lorica. Although part of Sabisia-Nidia by technicality, the distance and lack of government offers no protector from the mainland.

Important Note on Location

Avismere's actual location is a very tightly held secret. Only a pirate of the Enclave or a Lenoran can guide PCs to it, and Lenorans are very insular. It is usually easier to let a pirate blindfold you and take you there.


Each square is a half-mile.

 Map of Avismere


Enclave of Anchors

A bastion for pirates, privateers, and ne'er-do-wellers of the sea, this city is disorganized, dirty, but well guarded from all manner of the law.

The Code
  • No Stealing from your fellow pirates
  • No Killing your fellow pirates
  • On their ship, every captain is a King
  • Everyone defends the Code

Though no one in particular enforces the code, not following it will likely end up with the code-breaker drowned per tradition. No clemency, no mercy.

A'ren Lenora

This sea-side city is one of beauty and art. The Sea Elves who call this home have had time to create soaring towers and perfected a certain amount of horticulture. Only very rarely does a pirate decide to raid the home of the Sea Elves, and the resulting action from A'ren Lenora makes legends for ages.

A'ren Lenora is thought to be a city carved from the sea and land by the ancient elf-queen Lenora, whose body rests at the Shrine of Lenora, a holy spot.


Not truly a city, this outpost exists for the Drow of the House Shang to interact with the Sunwalkers. Although they have a presence in the Enclave of Anchors, they primarily are fortified at Hayagawa, where major transactions take place. House Shang are known for their incredible ranged weapons, such as bows, ballista, and other weapons for naval warfare. They are also notable marksmen with little respect for a fair fight.

Notable Places

Shrine of Lenora

This holy spot to the Sea Elves is where Lenora's body is laid.

Lenora A'akar (Lake of Lenora)

This inland lake is known fora certain kind of serenity and guarding by the Lenorans as an extension of the Shrine.


This abandoned Kalashtari city is rumored to be haunted, and the city expands significantly beneath the island it sits on. Generally, the island is safe enough to moor a boat, but you will find very few going to the city of ghosts.

Roxden Tops (NE Mountains)

These sharp mountains almost overhang eastward, causing a nigh-on desert on the eastern side.

Crêtes d'Argenmont (SW Mountains)

These shorter mountains sit wide and are a source of minerals and ores for the Lenorans.

Keel Hauled

The Keel Hauled is a tavern in the City of Anchors that is an upside down ships hull. The air constantly smells of salt air, fish, stale ale, and has a greasy smoke from the whale oil lanterns. Favorite haunt of Mad Eye Whitley.

Notable People

Captain Philomena "The Straight" - a famous pirate queen from the Prevalen plains, known for her blunt honesty in deals and rejection, has been a known name for over a decade - a very long time for a pirate. Though she's had many ships of the years, he current one is known as the “Roaring Plume”

Captain Adelaide - a notable pirate for making trips through the fog to the Smoking City. Her ship, the Golden Rose, is well know throughout the southern coasts. Supposedly, she enjoys playing cards and breaking hearts as much as she enjoys treasure and violence.

Notable Events

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