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Lookout Island

Lookout Island is a small island to the north of Founders Bay. It's about a two-day voyage from Brightshore.

The island's coast has been mapped out from a distance, but so far only three expeditions have attempted to set foot on the island. The first was in Year 21 and never returned. The second and third were in the 1st month of Year 23.

There remains much to learn about the island. What's known so far is that it's roughly circular in shape, with a diameter of about 12 miles at its widest point. Its shores are steep and rocky on all sides, with only a few narrow access points for small vessels, like rowboats. It appears to be covered in jagged peaks and dense, pinewood forests.

On the eastern coast is a toppled ruined tower. The last two expeditions were attacked by a band of three harpies there. The second expedition succeeded in killing the harpies. They also reported seeing chipmunks, hawks, and sharks around the coast.

Further expeditions have reported finding a ruined temple where the priestess Malulani resides as well as a stairway down near the lighthouse, as though there had once been an attached building to it. The stairway leads to several basement levels, which, upon last inspection, were infested with undead monsters.

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