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Min Lue

A few days' journey to the southeast of Brightshore at the convergence of the Ava River and a smaller tributary lies a massive ruined city. It is surrounded by a field of bones that have also contaminated the nearby Ava River.

Two expeditions to Min Lue have been made in recent months. The first encountered a phantom who called himself the Guide. He told the adventurers about the Curse of Min Lue.

The second expedition encountered the Duke of Shadow, his elven servant, and several skeletal sentinels with skulls aflame. The Duke, a towering creature of shadow, was apparently casting some sort of time-bending ritual to reclaim “what was his.” The adventurers discovered that a large crystalline object of powerful evil and shadow was powering the Duke's ritual. They were forced to retreat as the ritual was completed and the Duke and his minions began to give chase.

DM Lore

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