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Prevalen is a dangerous city with no central government. Each district takes care of their own. Uneasy truces, backdoor dealings, sudden raids, and surprise alliances are all a part of daily life in the City Without Order.

Factions and Notable Locations

The Academy (The Flying Cloud)

These wizards from the Academy of Njassandur try to ingrain a little more order and also provide some meager shelter for those cast out.

The Four Arches

A true hodgepodge of people. Many that wander to Prevalen are taken in by the Arches. Although other factions will press those that look promising into service, many here are simply lost, broken, or hiding. Many years back, the School of the Land built basic buildings for them out of pity, but they are slowly falling into disrepair as the Flying Cloud have not had the resources to assist again.

The Green Mind (The Contemplation Tents)

These wizards are unique in that they do not cast spells by school or blood, but by color. It is nearly impossible to learn, making it the smallest of the districts. Their district, called the Contemplation Tents, is a type of commune where most people live in shared areas. They allow visitors to try to learn the magic, but often have to reject them. Living permanently with the Green Mind requires someone to be a Green Mind themselves.

The Light of Mar

This ancient temple has a massive crystal floating above it that is usually blue, unless a Motespawn comes into existence, at which point it turns red, signifying the start of the Harvest.

It also serves as the only teleportation circle in Prevalen. Although there are no laws, there is an understanding to leave the Light of Mar alone as neutral territory. If a faction is expecting something to come through it, they may staff up guards near it. However, any outright attacks against the building itself triggers all sorts of arcane and painful responses.

The sequence of the teleportation circle is known to several characters in Brightshore.

The Lost (The Town)

The biggest population and biggest district belong to this loose coalition of Kalashtar. Although all the districts have some Kalashtar, many have spent at least some time living among the Lost. They reside in the Town of Prevalen, which appears to be the oldest settlement inside the ancient walls.

The Melting Stone (The Blessed Buildings)

Members of the Melting Stone follow and are inspired by black dragons. Their home, the Blessed Buildings, were partially destroyed by a dragon. Although they are habitable on the inside, the outside is left scarred as a warning to those that oppose the black dragons. A ghostly visage of a dragon is always overhead as a further reminder.

Novo Cathorn

These doomspeakers are attempting to rebuild the defenses that they believe stayed the initial destruction of Cathorn from the Dark God Kladi. Vast amounts of wild magic surge and pulse throughout this district, making it a hazard to take over, despite the few guards who are actually posted. The district includes two soaring towers embedded with multihued gems (though not the same gems that were found in Kintsugi Tower) and a statue of a long forgotten king.

The Unhallowed (The Land Unhallowed)

The Unhallowed are primarily necromancers, well knows for their skeletal servants and ability to quickly change the tide of battle. Their home base, the Land Unhallowed, is a place to sell bodies for gold with no questions asked. Rumor has it that their pit contains a body of almost every humanoid race, just in case.

The Wall

The wall is a common place for skirmishes and fights, as the towers provide the best view around Prevalen when the Harvest begins. Guard duty here has a significantly high mortality rate, as the factions vie for control.

The Water (The Manors)

These are the merchants of gold, food, goods, secrets, blood, and other darker things. Two manors in this district serve as their base, with one building being open for discussion and negotiation, while the other is closed off to all but the Water themselves.

Notable Events

The Harvest

The Harvest is an odd happening that seems to occur within a few miles of Prevalen. On a seemingly random basis, though more often at night, a great spectral creature is seen roaming the plains of Prevalen. These spectral creatures are difficult to defeat, but once the corporeal form of one is defeated, it leaves behind a mote of energy. This energy when channeled amplifies power beyond normal limits.

Whenever one of these spectral creatures, known as Motespawn, appears, it is heralded by the Light of Mar turning from Blue to Red. This creates a great race among the factions to be the first to find the Motespawn to claim its power.


 Prevalen Map with Faction Locations

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