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Skydross is a town of about 2,000 Stalwart Shield hobgoblins and orcs.

It's an impressive town, built against the cliffs of a steep, rocky hill, and surrounded by a sturdy stone wall engraved with statues of hobgoblin and orc warriors.

The buildings within are mostly clay, square and flat-topped, and closely packed together.

During Vendetta's war with the Shield, Skydross became a refuge for many of the hobgoblins and orcs displaced by the fall of aphydodes and other settlements.

In 24 BY, the warforged attacked Skydross, and the warforged assassin Grim broke into a previously undiscovered ancient facility in the cliffs within the town walls. Grim attempted to recruit the 500 warforged soldiers within, but Grim, the facility, and all of the soldiers were destroyed by the adventurers.

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