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Young female blue dragon (deceased)


Ameot was several decades old. After her first run-in with adventurers, her side frills and wings were badly torn.


Ameot was fiercely proud, vain, and demanded fanatical devotion from the blue kobolds she enslaved.


Ameot was a young blue dragon that established a lair under the ruins of Tierrios fairly recently. She was discovered by the mage Finder Sinclair, who sent a party of adventurers to attempt to kill her. They injured her severely, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Later, the copper dragon Gretirrai sent another party to slay her, which included some of the same adventurers as were in the first party. This time they were successful. In that adventure, it was discovered that Ameot had dominated Finder somehow, and when she was killed, he perished as well.

Created by Ken and Jude.

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