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Duke of Shadow

Male ???

An enigmatic entity said to reside in the Dark Forest.


The Duke of Shadow has only been seen once. A party of adventurers ventured to the ruined city of Min Lue and glimpsed a towering humanoid creature that seemed to be composed of pure shadow. According to Armastus, his servant, that was the Duke of Shadow.


According to a phantom encountered in Min Lue, the Duke of Shadow was once a sorcerer of light, but he was corrupted in the ancient past by a dark sorcerer named Kalad. Together, Kalad and the Duke destroyed the great jewel that was protecting Min Lue known as the Eye of the Dawn Titan and overwhelmed the city with their undead army. Afterward, Kalad sealed the Duke under his tower, along with the Eye.

Created by Mark.

DM Lore

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