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Grumble Dan

Male Human

Owns and operates the Chateau of Wonderment in the Crossroads District.


In his late 50s with pale skin (often sunburnt), white hair, a bulbous nose, thick-rimmed glasses, and a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow. His physique suggests he was quite a fighter in his younger days, but it seems those days are behind him. He is rarely seen without his fez and walking cane


He has a gruff but friendly demeanor and a gravelly voice.


Grumble Dan was transformed into a werewolf for a few months in 24 BY. Adventurers traced the source of the curse to a “moonstone” that he claimed he found in the Ruins of the Old City. After the stone lost his magic and Grumble Dan and the other werewolves returned to normal, Dan held onto the moonstone. He continues to display it in his Chateau to this day.

Created by Rebecca.

DM Lore

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