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Jamie Santangelo

Female half-elf

Lieutenant and Investigator in the City Guard.


Around 60 years old (comparable to late 20s, in human biology). Light brown skin. Long, straight brown hair pulled into a low ponytail. Very straight teeth.

Wears unflattering, but practical and well-made clothing. Carries material components for spells in an organized vest.


Lieutenant Santangelo always has a nervous, excitable energy about her and is a stickler for rules, procedure, and organization.

High-strung and overachieving. Constantly trying to impress Captain Bolt; keeps extremely detailed and well-organized notes and paperwork.

Awkward and nerdy. Easily flustered in delicate social situations and puts her foot in her mouth; loves arts and crafts, stationery, solving puzzles, and astronomy.

Friendly and caring. Always willing to help a friend or citizen in need; cleans up for or covers for others' mistakes.


Jamie works as Captain Bolt's part-time assistant, and part-time investigator, in the Central Guard Post. She keeps track of all the logistics (current guard roster, their assigned shifts and patrol routes, their gear and inventory) and takes care of most of the paperwork (meeting notes, reports by citizens or guards on duty, crimes and arrests).

She joined the Guard shortly after it was formed, and idolizes the Captain completely. The two of them get along well due to their love of rules and organization, and work together to keep Lieutenant Rialta out of trouble and clean up after his messes.

As the only girl in a family of 8 (she has 7 older brothers), she has a competitive streak a mile wide. Her family runs a bakery.

Created by Rebecca.

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