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Maris Perpenna

Female human


Short red-brown curls, freckles, and gray-blue eyes. She typically dresses in a simple tunic.


Maris comes from a well-to-do family, but does not flaunt her wealth. She is rather adventurous and down-to-earth and spends most of her time associating with the lower and middle class.


Maris met Maximillian von Tibblesworth in a bar and told him she had “never been with a tabaxi before.” Shortly after that, the two started dating.

When Maris's sister Sylvia and Sylvia's husband Donnis went missing, Maris asked Max and his adventurer friends to look for them. As Maris had feared, Donnis, a lumberjack, had fallen prey to the hulder that haunted the woods to the south. Sylvia had also been captured by the hulder when she went off by herself to look for him. What Maris did not know was that the hulder, usually a benevolent (if mischievous) spirit, had been cursed by the demonic influence of Hellions' Mouth near its lair. The adventurers found that the corrupted hulder had killed Donnis and Slyvia and were forced to kill it in order to defend themselves. Maris paid Max and the others for their help, even though they were unable to save her sister or her husband. After her sister's death, she inherited the other half of her family's wealth.

Maris remained true to Max while he spent a year as a diplomat in the Stalwart Shield. For several months, she even helped watch over Bran, the son of another woman Max had a fling with. Although their relationship has been rocky at times, Maris and Max are still dating to this day and currently live together.

Created by Jude.

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