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Duke Mitkin Oleg IV

Male human


Duke Oleg has a thick, dark beard and a bulging gut. He generally dresses in furs and fine cloaks.


Although clearly a man of wealth, Duke Oleg is easily bored by pleasantries and idle chat. When socializing with other aristocrats, he prefers to get straight to the point and only seems truly interested when negotiating business or other practical matters. He is arrogant, churlish, and condescending.


Mitkin Oleg IV is the Duke of Frostmarch, a small fief in the kingdom of Bartosia. He now lives with his daughter Agrippina in a modest manor in the Tower District.

According to him, the kingdom was stolen from his bloodline when King Mitkin Oleg I, his great-grandfather, passed the throne to his son-in-law, Bartos, rather than his true son, Mitkin Oleg II. The kingdom, which was once called Vartok, was renamed to Bartosia, and the Oleg family was relocated to the small, essentially worthless fief of Frostmarch on the northern borderlands, which Oleg IV claims was deliberate sabotage of his family's power.

Mitkin Oleg IV has never forgiven his great-grandfather and has dedicated himself to restoring his family's rightful place on the throne of Bartosia. He moved with his daughter Agrippina to Brightshore, having heard legends of great wealth and magic waiting to be claimed in Lorica. He hoped to find something or someone that might help him turn his fortune around. So far, however, he has been disappointed.

Created by Jude.

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