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Morgan Bradford

Female human (Deceased)


Fair, freckled skin. Her long, wavy black hair complemented her deep, brown eyes. Incredibly attractive. She stood no more than 5 foot-3, and typically wore a dark red, silk dress.


Morgan had an innocent, coy demeanor. Like her husband, she was also a noted philanthropist. She was frequently seen aiding the homeless, handing out food to the hungry, and almost always by the side of her husband.


Morgan was the wife of Malcolm Bradford. She frequently volunteered at the Cleo Catra Manor. Despite her philanthropy, she was apparently not well-liked by the people of Brightshore, who were often seen throwing rotten fruit at her as she walked down the street.

Adventurers rescued her from the Red-Sash goblins in the Cathorn Ruins, where she was apparently going to be sacrificed in some sort of demonic ritual.

Here is how Morgan explained her own backstory to adventurers shortly after being rescued: “My Husband and I have been together for a very long time; we go all the way back to Vessar. Malcolm was a trader whose business was completely suppressed by a powerful lord… That lord was my father, known as Lord Morvel; I was the eldest daughter of the Morvel family. When I saw Malcolm for the first time, I was a wreck. But I knew without a doubt, that we were destined for one another… But it was forbidden. If my father ever learned I had feelings for Malcolm - what he referred to as yesterday's sewage - Malcolm would never be heard from again. But fate is inevitable; we began to see one another. We kept everything under wraps - no one could know. But my father has a very oppressive gaze. We needed to escape; go somewhere new. When we heard about a new world and took a risk. When we arrived in Brightshore 10 years ago and agreed to stay separate for each other's safety; continuing to only contact one another in secrecy because we didn't know how closely my father would chase or follow me here. It has been a long 10 years, but I have finally cut off all communications with my father. However, during that time Malcolm found huge success here! But due to these horrible attacks from the goblins and devils, something horrible happened. Malcolm was taken. I… I couldn't stay here without him; I attempted to brave the wilds and find him. But that was an absolute disaster, as you’re all well aware… I was captured by those horrible goblins, and they were going to sacrifice me! Additionally, from what I have heard, if it wasn't for you adventurers, Malcolm would've suffered a similar fate, but by the hands of demons! I am in your debt for this. But despite saving our lives, you have also been paramount in solidifying his seat on the council. Which means we can finally come out of hiding - I cannot thank you enough.”

In Month 10 of Year 25, however, it was discovered that both Morgan and Malcolm Bradford had been in league with demons. They were both killed by adventurers shortly after their treachery was revealed. The Bradfords also had an aasmiar daughter, named Marynn, but she appeared to be possessed by some sort of demonic magic and was killed as well.

Created by Davidson.

DM Lore

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