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Rafe Rialta

Male elf


Perhaps 90 years old (physically mature, but not yet considered an adult in most elven cultures). Curly brown hair, hazel eyes. Pale skin.

He wears a brown leather jacket over his rumpled tunic, soft leather boots, and always carries his trusty daggers.

Playful and confident. Loves pranks, competition, pretending to be a grizzled hero, and coming up with witty one-liners; thinks of himself as Brightshore's top investigator.

Intuitive and streetwise. Prefers to follow his gut, rather than logic or rules; surprisingly perceptive about people, their motives, and mortal nature.

Reckless and creative. Will pursue any and all leads, even into obvious danger; gets out of jams using quick-thinking and ingenuity.


Rafe Rialta is energetic and is often seen with an impish smile. He seems to think life is a grand adventure, and loves cracking jokes, horsing around, and eating sweets.


He joined the Guard around the same time as Jamie Santangelo, and annoys her and the Captain frequently with his immature antics. However, he is surprisingly intuitive and observant, and is not afraid to throw himself into danger to bring the bad guys to justice.

His mother works as a scribe and teacher. He does not know where his father is.

Created by Rebecca.

DM Lore

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