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Captain Sol Hafthorsson

Once admiral and now captain Sol was the leader of Orrin's fleet as he founded Brightshore. Once, he was considered a hard-as-nails man but with the loss of his wife and his son no longer needing him, he seems to have found his calling in ferrying and welcoming newcomers to the city he now calls home.

His boat, the Council Ship Lewis is a well known and loved boat. It was a galleon of a privateer, but now it now serves captain Sol on whatever adventures he deems worthy.

Sol Hafthorsson built Brightshore's drydocks originally to repair what was left of the fleet. However, due to the need to make new ships, Sol worked with his sister, Brunhild, to create a shipyard as well.

After nearly 20 years of working on land, Sol left ownership of the Drydocks and Shipyard to his sister and became a Captain again under the council. Some say this was caused by the death of his wife and his desire to die on the sea, others think he enjoys the challenge of bringing new folks to the city. Captain Sol himself stays silent on that particular matter but is very gregarious otherwise.

Created by Marty.

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