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Tel Vasha and the Rat Man

Tel Vasha is a mysterious man that has hired several parties of adventurers to investigate rumors for him. He has an academic interest in constructs, among other things. He has often been seen in the company of a ratfolk man, who appears to serve him.

Tel sent adventurers to investigate a mausoleum in the ruins, which turned out to be inhabited by a medusa. The adventurers saw the Rat Man with the medusa before they were forced to retreat.

Tel also sent adventurers to investigate lights on the coast of the Cathorn Ruins. They discovered duergar mindmasters and a mindwitness there, as well as (again) the Rat Man, who escaped.

Tel was once seen living in a shack in the River District, but later the same day, nothing but rubble was found in that plot.

Created by Ken.

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