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Thalia Caitris

Female elf

Hunter. Lives with her mother Phinara and father Erlan in a small house south of the farmlands.


About 20 years old. Copper skin. Thin. Long, dark, straight hair.


Thalia was raised by harpies from the age of 2 to 18. But for the past few years she has lived in Brightshore and has been learning how to live in a more “civilized” manner. She dresses in a tunic and wears her hair in a ponytail. She speaks Common, although only in short sentences. Her mother is attempting to get her to learn Elvish, but so far she has not taken a liking to it.

Thalia seems to have given up on returning to Lookout Island where she has raised. She still prefers to spend as much time as she can in the woods, however.

When Thalia sings, she is every bit as enchanting as the harpies that raised her.


In 7 BY, Phinara and Erlan sailed to Brightshore with their 2-year-old daughter Thalia. A storm sunk their ship as they were approaching the bay and they were forced to row the rest of the way to Brightshore. Their rowboat was struck by a strong wave and Thalia was washed away to sea. Although Erlan was convinced that Thalia had drowned, Phinara believed she heard an angel singing through the storm and thought perhaps their daughter had been saved. She put up a notice on the job board of Brightshore offering a reward to anyone who found Thalia, alive or dead. She never gave up hope, and for 16 years, she refused to let anyone take the notice down.

In 23 BY, a party of newly arrived adventurers found the notice and decided to try to help. As luck would have it, their ship had also encountered a storm on the way into the bay and they had heard singing voices as well. They noticed they were near Lookout Island when they heard the voices and thought perhaps Thalia had been rescued by something living there.

Sure enough, the adventurers found Thalia on the island, now a young woman, but completely feral. She was living with harpies, who had apparently adopted her and raised her as their own. They parlayed with the harpies and were able to get them to agree to let them take her back to Brightshore for 8 days.

However, on the first night that Thalia stayed with her biological parents, one of the harpies broke into the house and brought her back to the island. The adventurers returned to the island, killed the harpies, and brought Thalia back by force.

She now lives with her mother and father. She helps her mother with hunting and skinning. Gradually, she is learning to live a more “normal” life.

Created by Jude.

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