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Female triton monk


Zassa has scaly, silver skin with webbed flaps protruding around her ears. Her years of training in the wilderness have given her a lean but chiseled build.


Zassa is haughty, adventuresome, and insightful.


Zassa is a talented triton monk who rapidly rose the ranks of the Seekers of the Sun in the Temple of Ava in Brightshore. In 20 BY, she claimed to have received a message from Ava and struck out into the wilderness to follow her destiny. She left the cryptic message with the priests at the temple.

Adventurers in 24 BY solved the riddle embedded in the message and realized it was pointing the way to the southeastern mountain range. They climbed to the peak and found Zassa there. Apparently she had grown fed up with the Seekers in Brightshore, believing the true way to become a Seeker is to test oneself by plunging headfirst into mortal danger in the wilderness. She left the message as an invitation for others smart, strong, and brave enough to follow her.

She now lives on the mountain alone, growing stronger day by day. If any come to see her, she offers them training, wisdom, and guidance.

Created by Jude.

DM Lore

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