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Male goblin


Has difficulty communicating due to a severely limited vocabulary. Grins a lot. Loves lightning. Almost certainly insane.


Zrogeh’ziz used to be a Red-Sash goblin and was tasked with a research effort to increase the strength of their army by harnessing the power of lightning. He went to the top of an old bell tower in the Cathorn Ruins with some lightning rods and was struck by lightning repeatedly. This impaired him, yet awakened the storm sorcerer within him. He returned to his king to share in the discovery. But alas was unable to communicate and accidentally incinerated the king with a bolt of lightning. Zrogeh’ziz was then named public enemy #1 of the Red-Sash Clan.

He was discovered in the Cathorn Ruins by adventurers in 23 BY and taken to Brightshore, where he lived in the Arcanum with his accomplice, Kubo, the white winged kobold.

Created by Davidson.

DM Lore

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