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Cornelius' Treasure: An Ordinary Introduction To An Extraordinary Man And His Peculiarities

A popup book written by Ezra for Runt.

Page 1


The illusion Runt uses to give his name: a mother dog and pups with an arrow pointing toward the smallest pup.


Greetings good sir! How do you do? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cornelius Agrippa. I am small like a pup, but I can do great deeds!

Page 2


4 smaller pictures surrounding the text:

  1. Runt at his scrying pool
  2. Runt riding in the backpack of a well armed dragonborn, shooting a magic missile. The dragonborn has speed lines indicating it is going really fast.
  3. A wizard, looking puzzled as his spell fizzles.
  4. Runt entertaining rowers with visions of scantily-clad lovelies.


I have mastered the arcane arts and have the gift of prophecy. I can aid my compatriots with glimpses of the future, make them more effective in battle, and neutralize opposing spellcasters. In camp, I can entertain with fanciful visions.

Page 3


A magical explosion almost engulfing Runt, who is facing away from the reader. An inset in one corner shows Runt scribbling in a book (showing scribblings similar to his spellbook) and speaking with a word bubble (sally out in canoes and give chase to the leviathan?)


In my youth, I encountered powerful magic, beyond my ability to control. When I regained consciousness, I found that though I retained my faculties, my speech was reduced to the ravings of a madman!

Page 4


A maze with a glowing treasure chest in the center.


Though I may speak like a madman, I am far from mad. My speech is as a labyrinth, confusing to the uninitiated, but concealing great treasure. Look for the hidden meaning within my words, and you will likewise find great treasure.

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