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Pronunciation: MENN-rann

Primary Domains

Menran is the god of Wind, Autumn, Chaos, and Luck.


Menran is often depicted wearing a ragged, patchwork cloak and a resplendent scarf that shines with many colors. He is almost always depicted as being in motion.

Traditional Interpretations

Menran is a god of sudden change, and many of the scriptures about him involve sudden twists or downfalls. But his priests will always be the first to tell you that every change is followed by another, and strings of luck both good and ill will always end at some point. With Menran’s constantly moving depictions and haggard apparel, he is often associated with travelers and those far from home. His clergy preach against boredom and idleness, saying that Menran will give you something to move you (usually some mischief) if you don’t find something for yourself. In addition to all his other portfolios, Menran is also a reaper. As the autumn brings the harvest of grain and crops, Menran brings the harvest of mortals in their time. Scripture says that he guides the souls he gently reaps to their eternal, peaceful slumber in the halls of Unre.

Lay Practice

With his aspects of death and ill luck, Menran has a poorer reputation amongst common folk than the other 3 deities. The number of gamblers, thieves, and vagabonds that invoke his name do little to help this. Many people make the swirling hand gesture called the Scarf Sign whenever they encounter an ill omen or other sign of evil at work.


Temples to Menran are more pavilions than buildings, and shrines are often little more than altars. Flags and streamers decorate almost anything dedicated to Menran. Bells, wind chimes, and aeolian harps are also common features, and music features heavily in many services and rites.


With the changing colors and harvest time, Fall is the holy season for Menran. Followers of the god of wind often take trips they all call pilgrimages, but these are often just directionless wanderings. Welcoming travelers is considered a service to Menran any time of the year, but is an even more important duty during the fall. The equinox is celebrated with a festival known as Reaper's Day. It celebrates the harvest, but is also a time for pranks and friendly revenge. Additionally, any clergy of Menran dress in dark garb and carry a small sickle during this time and steal trinkets and sweets from the community. If anyone manages to catch these burgling reapers, they can collect all of the bounty that the reaper has stolen.


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