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Galvan Valravn Gost

Male ½ Shadar-kai Fighter/Paladin/Sorcerer/Warlock


Due to wild-magic exposure in the Battle of Kintsugi Tower, Galvan now stands at 7'6“. He is a tall, dark haired, half Shadar-kai with a single brilliant crimson eye. His right eye is unashamedly missing, with a strange, shimmering silver scar that runs from his forehead to his cheek. He dresses in black with gold threaded embellishments and his onyx hair runs to his shoulder. He wears an owlbear cloak with a tall feathered collar, on the back of which is displayed the sigil of a raven flying towards the sun. On his head is a silver circlet that rests upon his brow with cruel spikes that rise just above his crown.


Galvan is brazen, cold, and harsh. When the occasion calls for it he can speak with the silken heirs of any well bred nobleman. When the occasion doesn't, he will not. He lives strictly by his own personal code of ethics and conduct. He believes that soldiers should follow orders without hesitation, but that they should be discerning in whom they call a leader.


Galvan was exiled from his home country of Nevara where he was a war hero and famous knight. It is unclear what crimes he committed as his accusation and judgement were not public. He is now infamously known in Nevara as “Galvan the Guilty”.

In Unicus 23 Galvan arrived in Brightshore aboard the Eel with his 3 retainers; Garamond Godsong, Hector the Bard, and Morea Fairrose. Along for the trip was Maevis Alanyr, now his wife Maevis Gost, as well as the late Zren Catsa from whom Zren Tower gets its namesake.

Galvan served as the second and final Chancellor of Brightshore.

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