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Kujo Funabashi

Male human


Kujo has long, black hair, which he keeps pulled back in a ponytail, and a stubbly goatee. He is much stronger than his small frame suggests.

He typically wears a patterned kimono and tabi and travels with a veritable arsenal of weapons, including a daikatana (greatsword), katana (longsword), wakizashi (shortsword), and daikyuu (longbow).


Kujo is friendly and respectful to everyone he meets, unless they threaten him or his friends, in which case he is quick to retaliate. He is fiercely competitive and presents himself as somewhat more masculine than he actually is. In fact, his actual tastes are quite delicate and refined.

Kujo is a talented calligrapher and warrior, but often becomes distracted by other pursuits. He occasionally tries his hand at poetry and has been attempting to start a rice farm on the coast east of Brightshore (rather unsuccessfully, on both accounts).

From time to time, Kujo slips into a somewhat melancholy, introspective mood.


Kujo hails from the distant land of Hon'ni (which is totally not just a Japanese anagram for Japan). He hasn't told anyone why he came, other than that he is looking to make his fortune in Brightshore.

In Hon'ni, Kujo was a noble in the once proud Funabashi clan, but the clan fell in a war shortly before he came to Brightshore.

Created by Jude.

DM Lore

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