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Redford Bolt

Male human

Guard Captain of Brightshore.


Early-to-mid 40s. Dark skin, close-cropped gray hair. He's a little past his physical prime, but carries himself with a commanding grace. Dresses plainly.


Captain Bolt is extremely formal reserved. He addresses everyone by their titles, last name, or “sir/madam.” HE does not use contractions. His face remains utterly impassive, even when he says he is experiencing extreme emotion.

He has absurdly refined interests and tastes. Enjoys discussing weirdly esoteric topics, like the evolution of barrel-making or the psychology of penmanship.

Efficient, thorough, and logical (almost robotic), but not heartless.


He came to Brightshore to support his husband, Colin, in his studies of Brightshore's history and has been an exemplary member of the Guard ever since. This is his first command post due to his unwillingness to be bribed or corrupted by the nobles of his homeland.

He is a follower of Unre and he and Colin have a pet retriever named Paprika.

Created by Rebecca.

DM Lore

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