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River District

The River District contains smaller businesses and homes along the Olteus River. It is also home to two guilds—the Arcanum and the Hall of Hunters.

The Owl's Nook (33)

The Owl's Nook is a medium sized store with a sign of an owl sitting on a stack of arcane books out front. Inside the store the smell of old books and drying herbs permeate the shelves and cabinets of spell components. Behind the counter there are big pots of expensive inks and glittering spell focuses, along with an extensive map of Brightshore.

Owned by Zren.

Borivik's Forge & Anvil (39)

Description forthcoming

Cleo's Treehouse (22)

A small, but cozy, two-story home built around the top part of a Dragonsblood tree. The lot is surrounded by exotic vegetation, a sand garden, and a combat ring. Cleo Catra Moon-Shadow and Norio Moon-Shadow live here.

The Arcanum (30)

The Arcanum is Brightshore's University of the Arcane. Headed by Archmage Khedmin Boulderheart (aka Boulder).

The Hall of Hunters (31)

The Hall of Hunters is a bit incongruous in a city made mostly of stone—it's a rough-hewn two story cabin built on a sturdy rock basement foundation. The entrance at one end has a massive set of double doors with a curved glaive and ancient halberd crossed above them. The doors almost never close as the Hall is open for business at all hours. Out back is an archery range and a set of sparring dummies, as well as a storage shanty for other equipment.

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