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-======Jude Pultz====== 
-=====Brightshore Stuff===== 
-I participate in Brightshore sessions as both a DM ("​World Weaver"​) and a player. 
-In terms of worldbuilding,​ you can think of me as the campaign Cartographer and Curator. I created most of the maps and the setting'​s cosmology, and I do my best to maintain the player and DM records of all the places, characters, objects, and events that are spawned in the course of this campaign. 
-=====About Me===== 
-As a Game Master, I mostly run D&D 5e games, but I also have experience with many other systems, including Dungeon World, Fate, and oldschool editions of D&D (grew up with 2e). 
-Outside of being a GM, I'm the Executive Director of [[https://​|Fort Winnebago Surgeons Quarters]] in Portage, WI. I've also been a writer, artist, teacher, and game designer. 
-=====Contact Info===== 
-Feel free to email me at I also have a website where I share random thoughts and stuff I've created: https://​​.