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Lorican Orb of Shielding

Type Orb
Rarity Common
Attunement Yes
Creator Jesse

An orb of shielding is made from crystal or stone aligned to one of the elements.If you're a spellcaster, you can use this orb as a spellcasting focus.

While you are holding the orb, it shields you from a particular type of energy. Any time you take damage of that type, reduce it by your proficiency bonus. The materials and their associated damage types are listed below.

  • Phoenix Basalt: Fire Damage
  • Lillend Quartz: Radiant Damage
  • Leviathan Skarn: Acid Damage
  • Purple Wormstone: Poison damage
  • Djinni Flint: Lightning damage
  • Zephyr Celestine: Thunder damage
  • Banshee Obsidian: Necrotic damage
  • Aboleth Marble: Psychic damage
  • Marid Shale: Cold damage
  • Dao Chert: Force damage
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