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Barrier Fog

The continent of Draobmi is surrounded by a perpetual, dense fog. For reasons unknown, it always takes exactly 20 days to sail through the Fog, even though it doesn't appear to maintain a constant size.

Although no two voyages through the Fog are alike, a few common threads have emerged from the reports of sailors and settlers:

  • Ships move through the Fog at a constant pace, but there is usually no wind.
  • A diffuse light illuminates the Fog during the day and wanes to a dim glow during the night, but the sun, moon, and stars are never visible.
  • Navigating the Fog requires supernatural guidance.
  • The Fog tends to induce disturbing hallucinations.
  • Strange creatures and phenomena have been known to appear in the Fog.
  • Several ships have been lost in the Fog.
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