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Locations in Lorica

This page is a hub for places on the continent of Lorica.

Brightshore Region

Aukari Pine

The pine-shrouded eastern peninsula of the Brightshore region, home to the Aukari druids and hunting grounds of the infamous Sartumal.


Sites claimed by Brightshore or close enough to the town that they may as well be. If not patrolled, these sites may fall into the hands of other factions or monsters (and may have already if no one has checked on them recently).

  • Fishing Village. A small fishing village along the coast east of Brightshore.
  • The Grove. Once haunted by a hulder, now a haven for druids and other likeminded adventurers from Brightshore.
  • Hellions' Mouth. This cave housed a demon cult and a portal to the Abyss (now sealed).
  • Kilerth. A small settlement in the farmlands around Brightshore.
  • Lavonia. A failed Brightshore colony.
  • Lookout Island. A small island to the north of Founders Bay where goblin pirates used to stow their bounty.
  • Olteus River Ruins. Ancient ruins on the eastern bank of the Olteus River. It was explored early in Brightshore's history but has not been visited recently.
  • Ruins of the Old City. The unclaimed, largely unexplored ruins of Cathorn (the ancient city Brightshore was built on top of) to the west of the Olteus River.
  • Saltrock. A quarry where a kind of opalescent marble is mined.
  • Samuin Tree. A large tree just outside the Brightshore farmlands. Deeper in the forest was found a mysterious ring of mushrooms. Also known as the Sacred Tree of Spirits.
  • Sewers. The sewers under Brightshore are extensive and in places occupied by monsters and people with something to hide.
  • Sidos. Ancient ruins north of Brightshore. Contains a teleportation circle, now destroyed.
  • The Two Chimneys. A barn/tavern just outside Brightshore in the farmlands.

Dragon Lairs

Several dragons have made their lairs in the lands around Brightshore.

  • Gretirrai's Cave. A small vine-covered hollow in a wooded hill where the copper dragon Gretirrai lairs.
  • Tierrios. A ruined city to the east of Brightshore on the coast. Once the lair of the blue dragon Ameot and her kobolds. It has since been cleared out.

North Woods

Wooded expanse north of Brightshore. Home to haflings, lizardfolk, and other creatures.

  • Goblin Shipyard. A cove on the southern cliffs of Shady Hook, once the shipyard of Magu's army.
  • Klamas. The ruins of a once great library, formerly the headquarters of Magu's army.


Leaves never grow on the trees here, and a permanent shroud of mist prevents more than a twilight glow from reaching the forest, even on the sunniest of days. Armastus is recognized as the sovereign of this forest by the Council of Brightshore.

  • Kavonia Ma. Once a ruined city just inside the Shadowood, a bridge and keep was built here by the vampire Armastus.
  • Min Lue. Ancient ruins on the Ava River. Surrounded by fields of bones and inhabited by phantoms and undead creatures.
  • Shadow Tower. The lair of the Duke of Shadow—a mountain of slag in the form of a colossal tree. It rose up from the ground in 25 BY over the course of several months.

South Woods

Wooded expanse south of Brightshore. Home to haflings, lizardfolk, and other creatures.

  • Ava River Ruins. Once a ruined city to the southeast of Brightshore on the banks of the Ava River, this site was wiped off the map when Magu awakened a colossal construct that emerged from underneath it and then stomped through it.
  • Chamberk. Ancient ruins on the east coast straddling a river. The last expedition encountered ancient constructs, but it was otherwise abandoned.
  • Corma. Ancient ruins south of Brightshore. Once thought to be dwarven in origin, explorers discovered it was not. They found a black pudding, mimic, and several undead creatures within.
  • Goblin Village. Adventurers found (and razed) a village of goblins in the woods after the Battle of Brightshore.
  • Hags' Den. A cave that once housed a coven of hags. They were killed in 23 BY.
  • Loutiers. A dwarven ruins about 14 days south of Brightshore, at the head of a river.
  • Phipolis. Ancient ruins near Skipriver Village. The halflings refer to it as the Tiger's Lair and claim it is cursed by an evil tiger spirit. The ruins have not yet been explored.
  • Skipriver Village. A village of nomadic halflings native to Lorica.

Desert Region

This region includes a desert controlled largely by the Qatec'lan nation, as well as a mountain directly east of the desert.

  • Qatec. Qatec'lan capital city.
  • Zassa's Peak. Zassa the triton monk trains and meditates atop the peak of the mountains SW of Brightshore.

Hills Region


The Goliaths of Lorica live in the hills south of the great frozen expanse known as the Wyrmfrost.

  • Castimir. Capital city of the goliaths.


  • Kalciscuro. A ruined keep on the north side of a large lake, once inhabited by a hag.
  • Melyviz. A small halfling village on the south side of a large lake.

Stalwart Shield

The Stalwart Shield is a large clan of hobgoblins and orcs whose territory lies west of Brightshore. They are currently at war with the goliaths.

  • Aphydodes. Capital city of the Stalwart Shield.
  • Greenreach. Ruins of green stone found near Woodrim Lake.
  • Griffon Nest. A griffon nest was found by the Menran River.
  • Irontooth's Camp. Formerly the camp of Chief Irontooth. Fell to the warforged, now abandoned.
  • Orn. Once a farming village of hobgoblins and orcs, reduced to a smoldering ruin by the warforged.
  • Skydross. A large town of hobgoblins and orcs.
  • Woodrim Lake. A large lake nestled between the hills just outside the forest's edge.

Jungle Region

Goodleaf Jungle

Several expeditions have been made to this jungle to the southeast, which bears the name of the hero Finn Goodleaf, who sacrificed his life so that one of the first expeditions could return to Brightshore.

  • Boviomatua (aka Summer Camp). Ancient ruins of a coastal city, now host to an outpost ran by a half-elf gentleman named Flowers.

Peninsula Region

Locations in the savannas and jungles of Lorica's southern peninsula.

  • Avismere. An island inhabited by mostly pirates, off the coast near Prevalen.
  • Barnacle Shoals. A dangerous stretch of reefs and shoals lining the southeastern coast of Lorica.
  • Giantspan. A colossal bridge that connects Prevalen and the rest of the peninsula to the Lorican mainland. Also has a port.
  • Njassandur. A forbidden city on a floating island ruled by a gold dragon.
  • Prevalen. A distant city with no government and a mysterious Harvest.


Locations in the sea around Lorica (not including islands, which are considered parts of other regions).

  • Craigfudfawr the Zaratan. A living island last seen off the eastern coast of Lorica.
  • The Fog. A mysterious, perpetual fog that surrounds Lorica and defies the laws of nature.
  • Wyrmfrost. A vast expanse of ice along the northern coast of Lorica, where the sea appears to have been flash-frozen.


Locations found in the Underdark of Lorica.

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