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Female goblin (deceased)


Magu had wild, unkempt hair that stuck out from all sides of her head. She wore a circlet that was later discovered to be a headband of intellect.


Magu was unusually smart for a goblin, at least in part due to the enchanted headband she wore. She had an especially in-depth understanding of vehicles and machines.

Magu hated Brightshore with a passion and was single-mindedly determined to conquer the colony. She was impatient and cruel in the way she treated her underlings.


Little is known about where Magu came from, how she acquired the headband of intellect or the shield guardian she was often seen riding on (or later, in).

In the Battle of Brightshore, she gathered an army of goblins and bugbears and led them in an attempted invasion of Brightshore. Her army was driven back on all fronts, and she was forced to retreat.

Magu sought refuge with the Stalwart Shield, who protected her. Later, she was found reanimating a colossal construct of hobgoblin design in the Ava River Ruins. She attempted to march it toward Brightshore, but a party of adventurers stopped her. When the construct lost power, it fell on top of Magu, crushing her shield guardian and crippling her. The adventurers removed her from the debris and killed her.

Created by Jude.

DM Lore

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