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Brightshore is a young, but thriving colony situated at the tip of Founders Bay on the northeastern coast. Established 25 years ago, it was built on top of and within the ruins of an ancient city of unknown origin. Since its founding, the colony has attracted several waves of new settlers from other lands. The current population is just under 4,000 people.


The town consists of 8 small districts within a walled enclosure on the shore of Founders Bay. The Olteus River flows into the bay and divides the inhabited area to the east from the unused ruins to the west. Farms and pastures lie outside the walls to the east of the settlement.

Each district is named for its location within the settlement or for a prominent landmark found within it.

  • Crossroads District. Located at the intersection of the settlement's two largest roads. Contains the settlement's other inn (The Wink and Whistle) and the city's central guard post.
  • Dockyards District. Contains the docks, shipyard, harbormaster's office, warehouses, gaol, a small inn (The Nicked Rock), and smaller, more economic abodes.
  • Gate District. Mostly residential buildings, located close to the city's outer wall.
  • Market District. Home of the town marketplace and various shops.
  • Park District. Contains modestly sized homes and a large public park.
  • River District. Contains smaller businesses and homes along the Olteus River.
  • Temple District. Contains temples and housing for its priests and acolytes.
  • Tower District. Contains the settlement's fortress, government buildings, the Gost Citadel, and larger manor homes & estates.

In case maps are more your fancy, the most recently updated map of Brightshore can be found here. Each district uses the numbering of the map to locate where each area is on the map, so it's handy to have around anyway.


Brightshore is situated in a temperate, forested region that experiences four distinct seasons each year. To the north, east, and south are dense woods and marshes. To the west are hills and grasslands. Rumors abound of encounters with monsters, natives, and ruined civilizations, but so far the area has yet to be thoroughly explored. Few who venture into the wilderness return, and so far the colonists have been largely focused on sustaining and expanding their town.


The founders of Brightshore were a motley crew of all shapes, sizes, and origins. Their numbers included adventurers, scholars, mercenaries, and refugees from Vessar, as well as other countries. The Council has committed to continuing that trend and welcoming all types of people. Uncommon or monstrous races might still face an occasional bit of distrust or curiosity from individual colonists, but they won't be turned away at the door.

In particular, Brightshore has attracted people who are looking for trouble or adventure, and people who are skilled in other things than simply wielding a weapon. As a growing colony, it is in constant need of stonemasons, carpenters, weavers, farmers, animal herders, blacksmiths, merchants, traders, and various other skilled workers.

Factions and Guilds

There are many organizations in the city of Brightshore, some good, some mercantile and some something entirely different. Here are a few of the ones that are known, although there are sure to be others. After all, where two or three are gathered in common cause, there's an organization, even if it's just ephemera in the wind.

Past Factions and Guilds

Player-Controlled Locations

Although the DMs monitor for abuse, the following locations are considered (mostly) in the purview of the PC that owns/runs it. Questions should be directed to that player.

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