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Park District

The park that dominates this district was originally a garden that the colony planted to supplement their food supply until farms outside the city could be established. It was transformed into a public green space by Yeoman Selene, when she took over the position from her grandfather, Forrest. All Brightshore residents are allowed to wander through the park at will, but Selene is known to keep a close eye on the plants and trees and give a stern warning to anyone who doesn't show them proper respect.

The park, which has no official name, covers about four acres and is mostly a fairly flat, open grass field, dotted with trees. A statue of a sleeping dragon sits in the southwestern portion of the park (near the Temple and Market districts), a relic of the ancient city that was been repaired by an enterprising Brightshore artist. The northeastern corner of the park features a small but dense copse of trees, including one that produces a Lorican native fruit called spiky oranges.

Buildings around the park are mostly residential. Unfortunately, though, there are no empty homes available.

The Sleeping Dragon

This eight-foot tall painted statue depicts a sleeping bronze dragon, curled up on a raised dais in a sunny part of the park. Its wings are folded in close to its back, and closer inspection reveals one of them was grafted on recently. The dragon's tail, snout, and both of its horns also appear to have been recently repaired. On the front of the dais, a sign reads “Please do not climb on me”.

In the mornings, smoke drifts from the dragon's nostrils for several hours, though the statue has never moved (so far as anyone can tell).

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