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Dockyards District

The Docks District is the first place newcomers to Brightshore see. There are two separate disembarking points—materials, goods, and gold are offloaded on the Stone Docks while people disembark on the Saltseer Docks. A couple of questionable taverns sit along the docks, as well as a harbormasters' office, several warehouses, a gaol, and Hafthorsson Drydock which also doubles as the shipyard.

Saltseer Docks (North of 21, 32, 38)

The Saltseer Docks stick out a bit from the city. Once it became obvious that the city would be taking new residences, the Harbormaster and the Council had new, man-made docks created to keep out of the way of commerce docks while still offering a pathway into the city. A stone building—a relic of the original city—acts as a customs for the city and sits squarely at the city's edge and in the way of the Saltseer Docks

Stone Docks (North of 4, 5, 20)

The Stone Docks sit where the bay is the deepest. Unlike the Saltseer Docks, which were made a mere 20 years ago, the Stone Docks are ancient. They show some wear from time, but not nearly enough to account for the time since the fall of the original city. The Stone Docks sit in front of the warehouses—both repurposed shells and newly built—and a famous tavern called the Nicked Rock sits between them all.

Harbormasters' Office (20)

The Harbormaster acts as both the official in charge of maritime commerce and the deputy of maritime law. Although technically under the supervision of the Council, the Harbormaster has broad discretion in what is acceptable and what's not and acts as the primary law official. A gaol sits underneath the Harbormasters' Office, where lawbreakers are held until the Council transfers them for adjudication.

The current Harbormaster is Keflir Solsson.

Hafthorsson Drydocks (1, 6)

The city has need of both ships and repairs, but not in significant amount. Sol Hafthorsson was the original admiral of Orrin's fleet, and built the dry docks originally to repair what was left of the fleet. However, due to the need to make new ships, Sol worked with his sister, Brunhild, to create a shipyard as well.

After nearly 20 years of working on land, Sol left ownership of the Drydocks and Shipyard to his sister and became a Captain again under the council.

The Nicked Rock (10)

The Nicked Rock is an inn and tavern built around a pillar with a single nick on it, about waist high on a human. Aside from the nick, the pillar seems to be indestructible.

The inn was destroyed in a tragic accident in Oncemas, 23 BY, but it was soon rebuilt by Errol Twice-Blessed. He became the new owner for a time, but handed it to Enkeh after he became Council Archon and needed to divest himself from his holdings.

Balmond's Brew House (43)

Balmond's is run by Balmond: a surly dwarf who is now a retired adventure. The tap room is run by a half-elf on Balmond's behalf. Her name is Falhanna; however, Balmond calls her Wannabe as she is neither elf or human.

On tap:

  • Balmond's Best. Amber Ale.
  • Balmond's Steller Stout.
  • Balmond's Breakfast. Coffee Ale.
  • Balmonds's Campfire Delight. Ale that tastes like s'mores, has a smokey start and a sweet finish.
  • Demon's Spit. Whiskey with a maple syrup base.

Barker's Barrels (40)

Description forthcoming

Gethrisj's Salvage and Retrieval (38)

Over the front door of this small shop is a sign, declaring its name in both Common and Draconic. Those fluent in Draconic will note that the translation also serves as a neat summary of the services offered. The shop stands open on most fine days, for as long as Gethrisj or one of his employees is about.

In the front is a collection of the more interesting of the items Gethrisj and his employees have found and restored, displayed simply so as to catch the eye of a casual visitor. Included among this stock is always a small number of items (shields, javelins, and similar) crafted from his hunting in the watery environs around the town. Customers who engage Gethrisj to retrieve specific objects observe that he keeps them in the back, separate from the general stock for sale. He has a firepit and a few benches on the front of the shop to serve as seating or extra display space as needed.

Lefty's Warehouse and Goods Storage (42)

Description forthcoming

The Cerulean Ginger (12)

A tattoo parlor owned by Birdot.

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