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Orrin Elegos

Male half-elf wizard


Orrin is 81 years old. He has brown eyes, a strong jaw, and short, black hair, which is usually slicked back. His pale skin is marred by old burn scars across the left side of his face and neck.


Most Brightshore residents describe Orrin as calm, quiet, and observant.


Orrin led the founding expedition to Brightshore with his wife, Jacinta Savedra. He and Jacinta have one son together, Marco.

Orrin was the Chancellor of the First Council of Brightshore and sponsored the upkeep and improvement of the Archives, a library of knowledge that is available to the public (subject to his own approval).

After the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, he disappeared along with his wife, supposedly into another plane.

Created by Rebecca.

DM Lore

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